Some topics I've explored

Zero Knowledge Range Proofs
We (Novi Crypto Research) published a paper on range proofs. These have loads of applications, from proving income ranges (ZK accreditation) to ZK geolocation.

Heterogeneous POW Consensus Protocols
As blockchain systems scale, and network parameters are taken to the limit, network conditions may impact consensus protocols. I analyzed the impact of heterogeneous network conditions on consensus protocols as block times tend towards their limit. By simulating POW protocols in a heterogeneous peer-to-peer networks, I was able to break consensus by performing an attack with less than 50% malicious hash power. This research aims to raise awareness about disparate network conditions in systems with short interblock times, and suggests alterations to random peering mechanisms such as Bitcoin's.

Digital Currency Initiative - MIT Media Lab
I worked on enabling Discreet Log Contracts in Lightning, a Bitcoin L2. These can primarily be used as onchain BTC futures contracts.

Adversarial Infill
Semantic infilling involves filling in significant portions of corrupted images. I explored adversarial methods of achieving semantic infilling on faces. I used a DCGAN (deep convolutional generative adversarial network) trained on facial images to reconstruct portions of images.